The Lake BC Wireless Internet Service

The Lake BC Internet Service is provided by CP Electronics, a Thomas Communications Ltd. company. Terms of Service
The speed of our internet service is able to be used for VoIP/internet phone, you can stream video and play online games with little to no delay. Browsing and email is a breeze for our connections.
Our connection is wireless from one of our many towers to your location. It is then considered a cabled connection the same as Shaw or Telus. The connection is secure up to your transceiver on the outside of your house. If you wish to have a wireless connection in your house then it would be as easy as hooking up a wireless router.
Monthly traffic limits are in place because if clients use too much service, it is a form of abuse to our network. We pay a substantial amount of money to keep our infrastructure upgraded to handle the high demand of Internet use, but when clients use over their package limits it can cause slow downs to people in their surrounding area that are serviced from the same tower. A few of the main causes for overages, and tips to help keep your account under its limit: 1.) Your wireless router has no password security on it and therefore your neighbours could be using your Internet connection without you knowing and therefore could be causing overages to be charged on your account. To resolve this, you should contact your routers manufacturer or a local techie to help you put a password on your wireless router's signal so that all computers connected to your service need a password to connect. ** Remember that sharing your Internet connection with your neighbour is in direct violation to your service agreement with us, and if you are found to be knowingly hosting a shared connection between neighbours, your service could be terminated with The Lake BC Internet Service. 2.) P2P file sharing programs such as: Bittorrent, Limewire, Bearshare - etc use all of your packages upload bandwidth 100% of the time when they sit open in the background or when in use while downloading a file without you knowing. To resolve this you need to open your file sharing program and look for a menu like "tools" and find a menu item which allows you to set your upload speed rate to 0 Kbps or the lowest it will allow you to set. This will stop the program from using all of your bandwidth without you knowing it which will save you tons of Internet traffic. 3.) Viruses can try to leak out of your computer by sending and receiving high amounts of data to the Internet. To resolve this issue, please keep your virus scanner up to date. Also make sure your virus scanner is routinely performing a scan on your computer system. If you notice that your computer is slower to react than normal, you may also need to have a local techie clean up your computer so that you can experience the most out of your Internet connection.